A boulder of a city (the Dutch word for boulder, kei, has a positive connotation and can be freely translated as amazing).

Thanks to a bet placed by esquire Everard Meyster in 1661 Amersfoort earned itself a big boulder from the Leusder heathland. The esquire convinced some Amersfoorters to drag the boulder to the city on a sled. That’s where the city got its nickname “keistad” (boulder city) from and why every year the “kei”-fests are held.

Amersfoort had a beautiful historic centre. Famous monuments are, among others, the “Lane Jan” (long John), the mid point of the Netherlands, and the 15th century “koppelpoort” (Koppel gate). With its 150.000 inhabitants Amersfoort is the second city of the province Utrecht.

The old town walls have the “Koppelpoort” (gate) as its entrance gate. It’s definitely worth having a peek at as it leads you to the rich history of the city, its modern architecture, museums, lively stores, green areas and summer festivals.

That Amersfoort is one of the biggest monument cities of the Netherlands becomes very clear when you stroll the street from the middle ages and explore the city’s historical buildings. The canals, wall houses and the “Koppelpoort” (gate) are a reminder of Amersfoort in the 13th century. The street- and canal pattern has remained almost exactly the same as it was during the development of Amersfoort. Explore the wonderful mix of rustic, old and the surprisingly modern city.